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GeoMosquito's Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control Service Vehicle

Atlanta's Natural & Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control w/ Same-Day Results, Guaranteed!

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GeoMosquito's Pet, Pollinator, & Planet Friendly Mosquito Control

Believe it or not, mosquito control using an all-natural solution is more effective than with hazardous pesticides. Using an essential oil & organic compound blend, we eliminate your mosquitoes & repel the infestations on neighboring properties. Then we treat emergence sites (drains, gutters, tires, etc.) with B.T.I. & our weather-resistant organic bait to handle any larvae that may hatch between services. Consistency is important to us, as is ensuring the longevity of each treatment. That's why GeoMosquito's specialists use digital property guides to show every emergence site that requires special attention, as well as areas to avoid like gardens & bee hives. Utilizing innovative methods, powerful custom-built electric mistblowers, along with our proprietary natural blends, allow us to proudly Guarantee Same-Day Relief!

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