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This Is How We Do It

Every Property Is Unique. The "Spray & Pray" Method With Conventional Chemical Treatments, Fumigating & Killing Everything To Eliminate One Type Of Pest, Isn't Always The Best Or Safest Strategy. Precision, Knowledge, & Attention To Detail Is Where We Thrive, Enabling GeoMosquito To Effectively Provide Relief From Disease Carrying Insects. Not Harming Wildlife & Pollinators In The Process, Going Above & Beyond To Set A New Standard In Pest Control, & Constructive Feedback From Our Amazing Customers Has Helped GeoMosquito Become One Of The Fastest Growing Eco-Friendly Mosquito Companies In Georgia!  

Our Highly Trained & Educated Specialists:
- Locate & Eliminate Any Active Breeding Grounds
- Locate & Treat Every Emergence Site With Our Cinnamon Infused Bait
- Eliminate The Active Mosquitoes Plaguing Your Property
- Repel Stragglers Lingering In From Your Neighbors' Yards
- Take Detailed Notes & Pictures For Your Service Report & Personalized Property Guide
- Determine The Best Course Of Action & Service Plan To Successfully Provide You With Safe & Effective Mosquito Treatments Moving Forward

You'll Receive A Personalized Property Guide Our Specialists Use To Locate Potential Hazards Capable Of Creating Issues, Ensure No Water Source Such As Drains Or Gutters Are Left Untreated, & To Show The Locations Of Edible Plants. Our Solutions Aren't Toxic, But It's Not Salad Dressing, So Avoid Misting Anything You Plan On Eating.

Our Service Reports Include & Keep You Up To Date About:
- Mosquito Activity Level On Your Property
- Essential Oils & Inert Ingredients Used To Perform Our Treatment
- Tree Holes, Drains, & Gutters Serviced Including The Treatment Method Used
- Weather Conditions During Your Treatment
- Time Of Your Specialist's Arrival & Departure
- Water Bowls, Toys, Or Containers Emptied & Flipped
- Clogged Gutters Creating Active Breeding Grounds
- Obstacles In Your Neighbors' Yards Contributing To Your Infestation
- Incoming Storms & Full Moons