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How To Keep Ticks Away From Your Atlanta Property

August 13, 2021 - Ticks

Ticks are a species known for spreading illness through sucking blood. It’s wise for Atlanta home and business owners to study up on local subgroups. You need to have an understanding of the risks associated with ticks, and how to prevent their invasions. Also, find out how GeoMosquito can assist you.

What Ticks Are Common In Atlanta? What Are The Hazards?

Deer and American dog ticks are two classes that take precedence in the city. As you imagine, deer ticks target those animals and livestock as a whole. However, they won’t pass up an opportunity to have the blood of a human or domestic pet. These bugs are sometimes called “black-legged ticks” due to the coloring of their eight legs. Their bodies are brown or red-brown. Concerning size, they are 0.14 to 0.20 of an inch long. Females can swell to 0.39 of an inch after feeding. Be advised that the pests harbor the bacterium for Lyme disease; you could be exposed if they bite you.

American dog ticks have a few similarities to their black-legged relatives. First, they have an alternate name; they’re occasionally referred to as “wood ticks.” Second, their skin is the same color. Third, they too have four pairs of legs. Fourth, they’re about 0.20 of an inch long. The biggest difference is that their females can stretch to 0.59 of an inch.

Some key things to know about ticks are:

  • Where They Reside: Ticks favor shady and humid areas, like grasslands and woody plots. This is especially true if space is inhabited by animals. Stay on alert when you go to these locations. It isn’t hard for these arachnids to stick onto you or your pet. Even keep an eye out when you’re on the lawn. 
  • How Their Bites Are: To reiterate, you won’t feel a tick bite. Use a fine point set of tweezers to remove the bugs. Don’t crush their body, or jerk and twist them. Seek medical attention right away if you feel sick. Critical symptoms are weakness, breathing complications, headache, fever, and nausea.  
  • What Diseases They Disperse: Ticks can distribute ehrlichiosis, the Heartland virus, tularemia, and other conditions that may be fatal.

What Are Ways To Prevent Ticks?

Perform the following tasks to fend off ticks:

  • Trim grass and greenery regularly. Remove organic debris off the lawn.
  • Use tick repellent products before going outdoors.
  • Put on a long-sleeved shirt and pants if you’re headed to a tick-sensitive zone. Wear long socks with boots too.
  • Before you come indoors, look over your skin and clothes. Inspect the hair of your pet as well. 
  • Discuss tick blocking treatments for your domestic animals with a veterinarian. 
  • Groom and clean all pets and land animals frequently.   
  • Contact GeoMosquito if you have pests that ticks could feast on, like a rodent.

How Will GeoMosquito Handle Ticks?

You have to protect your loved ones, employees, and customers from ticks. The threat is too great. Reach out to us at GeoMosquito. Our expert technicians will accurately identify susceptibilities on your property and the tick species troubling you. They will select a safe and effective treatment that will eradicate these pests long-term. Don’t wait another minute! Call us today!

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