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Home Mosquito Control In Atlanta, GA

Eco-Friendly Home Mosquito Control Services In Atlanta, GA

When it comes to your place of residence, few things ruin time spent outside than an out-of-control mosquito infestation in the Atlanta, GA area. Not only do they leave behind itchy welts, but they also transmit diseases, which is unacceptable. Our eco-friendly mosquito specialists here at GeoMosquito are ready to handle your mosquito problems from start to finish, so you can get back to enjoying your home to the fullest every season.

Our Home Mosquito Control Process

While mosquitoes operate the same at first glance, the truth is that different species of mosquitoes act in different ways. With the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we can address these differences and eliminate your mosquito problem the first time.

Before we get to work, we walk the property with you to identify problem areas such as drains, standing water, shaded areas, conducive conditions, and other signs of a mosquito infestation. During the inspection, we'll identify the type of mosquito that has invaded in order to customize our treatment plan accordingly. 

Our goal is to deliver an effective, eco-friendly treatment that disrupts the mosquito life cycle. To accomplish this, we use eco-friendly larvicide in drains and gutters, as well as any standing water discovered during our inspection.

By doing this, we can keep the mosquito population from growing any larger than it has already become. We use a bait and kill technique/barrier on the smaller plants around the house for existing mosquitoes. In turn, this spray attracts the mosquitoes to the treatment area, which kills them.

In addition, we rotate solutions for the perimeter barrier to avoid a tolerance to their effects from forming. Doing this also provides an efficient level of protection from your neighbors’ mosquito issues in the process.

At GeoMosquito, we understand that mosquitoes can get inside easily. We provide focused treatments, treat the conducive conditions, and focus on the areas on your property that are high traffic, such as garages, front and back doors, and other similar locations on the property.

Since mosquitoes need focused efforts to get rid of, we provide ongoing treatment every 14 days for the maximum coverage and results you deserve.


During the inspection, we search for conditions that are leading to your mosquito infestation as well as the type(s) of mosquitoes on your property so that we can provide the right treatment.


We customize our treatments according to the principles of Integrated Pest Management and use our findings to provide the superior results you deserve.


To ensure your results stick, we perform ongoing treatment every 14 days to keep the infestation contained until eliminated.

Achieving Superior Results With The Latest Technology

At GeoMosquito, our eco-friendly mosquito specialists know that even the best treatment plans will fail without the right products. More importantly, the right products should keep you and your loved ones safe. That's why we stay current on the latest tech and eco-friendly products, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best results possible without risk to you and everyone else on the premises. Reach out to our eco-friendly mosquito specialists today to take the first step towards becoming mosquito-free. Sign up for our service plan and get your free treatment!

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