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Pest Control In Lawrenceville, GA

Eco-Friendly Gwinnett County Pest Control

Lawrenceville, GA, is an exciting Atlanta suburb that is filled with history. We’re named after a famous naval captain from the War of 1812, and as the oldest city and county seat of Gwinnett County, we’re proud of our strong roots. Unfortunately, all Lawrenceville properties are susceptible to potential pest infestation, and infestation is an ongoing reality that locals aren’t so proud of. If you want to protect your home or business from the dangers of pest infestation, the best thing you can do is get in touch with your local pest professionals in Lawrenceville.

Welcome to GeoMosquito. We are a family-owned and operated company that provides residential and commercial pest solutions to properties throughout Lawrenceville, GA, and the surrounding areas. We offer Gwinnett County pest control that guarantees coverage from all kinds of local area pests, such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, fungus, gnats, and midges. We use eco-friendly methods to kill pests without chemicals. Call us today to set up your free treatment.

Residential Pest Control In Lawrenceville, GA

To guard your Lawrenceville home against mosquitoes and other common area pests, you can count on the team at GeoMosquito. We offer complete residential pest control solutions to homeowners throughout Gwinnett County and the surrounding areas. Our process includes the following residential services:

  • Effective, eco-friendly treatments to disrupt the mosquito life cycle.
  • Eco-friendly larvicides in drains, gutters, and sources of standing water.
  • Baits, barriers, and spraying on smaller plants around the property.
  • Kill techniques that draw mosquitoes to the structure and then exterminate them.
  • Apply repellant around the perimeter using a fogger.

After we’re done treating the premises, we come back every 14 days to follow up with you, ensuring that your property remains pest-free and protected all year long. Get in touch with us to discuss your residential pest control needs; we’re here to help.

Commercial Pest Control In Lawrenceville, GA

There’s a lot to worry about when you run a business, and the last thing anyone wants to think about is a pest problem. Local pests endanger your business and everyone inside of it, and that’s why you cannot ignore your commercial pest control needs. Here at GeoMosquito, we offer dependable commercial pest control services to a long list of facilities, including auto repair shops, restaurants, golf courses/driving ranges, schools, hotels, and apartment complexes.

All of our treatments are tailored to meet your particular pest problem, and we come up with a specialized process to meet the needs of your specific business. We’re pollinator-friendly mosquito specialists, and we come back every two weeks to re-service your property, keeping you guarded against infestation all year long. Reach out for your free estimate and inspection today.

Do The Mosquitoes In Lawrenceville Carry Diseases?

We all know how annoying it can be to get a mosquito bite, but how many of us really know the dangers that come with it? As vector pests, mosquitoes carry diseases and viruses which they spread to their hosts. When a mosquito bites, it injects saliva into your bloodstream. That means that if the mosquito is infected, so are you. This is how large-scale epidemics begin, like the Zika virus and West Nile virus.

Some other common mosquito-borne illnesses include malaria, encephalitis, chikungunya, tularemia, and others. In order to protect yourself from these diseases, you should do everything you can to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes in the first place. There are certain things you can try to reduce mosquito populations, but the smartest thing to do is leave your mosquito control needs to the experts.

If you suspect a mosquito infestation, call the team at GeoMosquito today. Not only do we guarantee to identify and eliminate the problem, but we will prevent it from recurring in the future. Our goal is to keep your Lawrenceville property pest-free throughout the year. Call today to get started.

How To Treat Tick Bites In Lawrenceville

Ticks transmit disease, which is why it’s important to avoid them at all costs. If you get bitten by a tick, there are some immediate ways to deal with the situation to minimize the consequences. Here’s how to treat tick bites in Lawrenceville:

  • Use fine tweezers to pick the tick out from inside your skin.
  • Cleanly pluck it out without moving it around to prevent parts of the tick from breaking off.
  • Make sure to remove any remaining mouthparts with the tweezers.
  • Use rubbing alcohol or mild soap and water to clean the site of the bite. 
  • Don’t crush the tick; wrap it up in a tissue and dispose of it down the toilet.

If you experience any symptoms like fever or nausea, it’s a good idea to get checked out by a medical professional. For professional tick control and prevention services, get in touch with your local pest professionals. The team at GeoMosquito is here to help, so reach out for all your tick control needs.

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