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Neighbors With Eco-Friendly Mosquito Controll GeoMosquito

Pet, Pollinator, & Planet Friendly Home Mosquito Control

Get Back To A Yard Without The Bites!

Our Residential Mosquito Control service allows you to enjoy the summer time and backyard BBQs without the annoyance of pesky mosquito bites. Our all-natural, eco-friendly mosquito control is designed to keep your yard mosquito-free so you and your family can spend quality time outdoors without worry.

Our Specialists Will:


Search & Notate

During the inspection, we search for conditions that are leading to your mosquito infestation as well as the type(s) of mosquitoes on your property in order to provide the best treatment possible.


Bait, Eliminate, & Repel

We locate & bait emergence sites to hinder future activity, then eliminate the infestation within the property using a powerful mixture of knockdown & repellent. The residual repellent helps to ward off any mosquito issues neighbors may be experiencing.


Rinse & Repeat

After we get control of the infestation, we continue performing maintenance treatments every 14-17 days. Communication is key to keeping issues from arising, so we encourage everyone to check their service reports later for any special notations.

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