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Mosquitoes make it difficult for people to enjoy themselves at your place of business thanks to how annoying they can be in large numbers. In addition, they transmit diseases, which put your employees and customers at risk. At GeoMosquito, our eco-friendly mosquito specialists in Atlanta, GA work quickly to get to the bottom of your mosquito infestation and eliminate them from the premises, so you can focus on what's most important. For your business to succeed, you have to make sure everything is done the correct way the first time. For us, effective mosquito control is no different. Backed by the principles of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM), our team tackles the problems you're facing today while ensuring the mosquitoes don't come back in the future. Upon arrival, we get started by walking the property with you to determine events contributing to your mosquito infestation. Common reasons for an infestation include but aren't limited to: Drains Standing water Conducive conditions Shaded areas Overgrown plant life Besides the environmental conditions, we also check for what type of mosquito has invaded since each species acts slightly differently from the other species. Once we've got the answers we need, we're ready to begin treatment. We use a range of methods to eliminate your mosquito problem depending on the results of our inspection. Our treatments include but aren't limited to: Eco-friendly larvicide: This is placed in the drains and gutters of your building in addition to any standing water present on the premises. Bait and kill: Our Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control Specialists place bait precisely near emergence sites. Our incredible bait solution lures and kills active mosquitoes before they even have a chance to bite you. All of our treatments are customized to the results of our inspection, the principles of IPM, and your type of business for a customized solution that delivers unbeatable results, so you can focus on what's most important. After the initial treatment, we'll continue to treat your property every 14 days to contain the infestation until all mosquitoes are eliminated from the premises.

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