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What Makes Us Different?

Welcome to GeoMosquito, where your peace of mind is our priority. Say goodbye to mosquito bites & hello to the outdoors again with our proprietary solutions & dedicated mosquito control service. We're proud to offer safe & effective mosquito control because we understand the importance of protecting your family, pets, & the environment. Our educated & skilled specialists thoroughly inspect your property, ensuring that every drain, pond, nook, & cranny is properly treated. After that, we create a property guide with an aerial view of our treatment plan. Property guides assist both specialists & clients with reducing hazardous breeding grounds, pinpointing the cause of reoccurring issues, & treating nesting grounds before they become active. If a mosquito reinfestation occurs before your next scheduled treatment, we'll find the source & treat the property again free of charge. Keep your loved ones and pollinators safe while enjoying BBQs, time by the pool, & fun in your yard again. With our Same-Day Results Guarantee, you can count on getting back outside soon! Book your appointment today & ask about our community leader discount!

GeoMosquito Treats Wooded Properties - Safe & Effective People, Pet, & Pollinator Friendly Mosquito Control

Wooded Areas

GeoMosquito Treats Children & Adult Sporting Events  - Safe & Effective People, Pet, & Pollinator Friendly Mosquito Control

Children & Adult Sporting Events

GeoMosquito Treats Open Ranches - Safe & Effective People, Pet, & Pollinator Friendly Mosquito Control

Open Ranches

GeoMosquito Treats Neighborhood Swimming Pools & HOAs  - Safe & Effective People, Pet, & Pollinator Friendly Mosquito Control

Neighbordhood Swimming Pools & HOAs

GeoMosquito Treats Tropical Gardens  - Safe & Effective People, Pet, & Pollinator Friendly Mosquito Control

Tropical Gardens

GeoMosquito Treats Horse Farms & Stables - Safe & Effective People, Pet, & Pollinator Friendly Mosquito Control

Horse Farms & Stables

Our highly trained & educated specialists:


- Locate & eliminate any active breeding grounds
- Locate & treat every emergence site with our cinnamon infused bait
- Eliminate the active mosquitoes plaguing your property
- Repel stragglers lingering in from your neighbors' yards
- Take detailed notes & pictures for your service report & personalized property guide
- Determine the best course of action & service plan to successfully provide you with safe & effective mosquito treatments moving forward

You'll receive the same personalized property guide our specialists use to effective treat your property. This shows potential hazards capable of creating issues, ensure no water sources (ex. drains or gutters) are left untreated, & shows the locations of any edible plants that plan on being eaten. Our solutions are non-toxic, but it's not salad dressing so we like to avoid misting certain things.

Our service reports include & keep you up to date about:


- Mosquito activity level on your property
- Essential oils & organic active ingredients used to perform our treatment
- Tree holes, drains, & gutters serviced including the treatment method used
- Weather conditions during your treatment
- Time of your specialist's arrival & departure
- Water bowls, toys, or containers emptied & flipped
- Clogged gutters creating active breeding grounds
- Obstacles in your neighbors' yards contributing to your infestation
- Incoming storms & full moons

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